Fitness and spa

By idea of the project designers the modern complex Villa Badam envisages wide opportunities for sports, entertainment and leisure hours both for adults and children.

The area of 4,000 sq.m. with the two-storey Sports Centre and Club House has been assigned for convenience of the residents and their guests.

A fitness centre equipped with the modern standards comprises the open and sheltered pools, spa centre, modern gym hall, aerobics hall and massage rooms.

There are also an open-air football field, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball playgrounds.

For the leisure hours of the residents and their guests there is the Club House, consisting of a hall with 300 seats for various events with service personnel and built-in kitchen, cafeteria with the summer veranda, billiard room, children playing room and conference room.

Also, not far from it there is a specially designed park occupying a territory of about 2 hectares with the children playground and artificial lake.

Furthermore, there is a modern movie-house, sheltered children playground and children care room to render services to the residents of the Villa Badam cottage village.