The Villa Badam cottage village means a comfortable, well-furnished suburb houses with reliable communications, virgin nature and urban comfort level, advantageous placement and fine roads, civilized neighborhood with the people of your circle.

Due to the American standards applied to the design of the village, we have succeeded to avoid the main disadvantage of majority of suburban villages, namely, tightness and numerous fences. Our little city fascinates you with its open space, comfort and safety.

The settlement occupies 26+ hectares and consists of 4 types of villas: A, B, C and D with land lots from 650 to 2000 sq.m. The main advantage of the village is the absence of stone walls between the villas: they have been separated by symbolic fences. Due to the proper zoning of the territory and natural relief of the area Your eyes can see far beyond the borders of your land lot.

Watchful and trustworthy guards in aggregate with the modern surveillance systems ensure all-day-round safety of the residents and members of their families.

Each villa has a sheltered garage for two cars, laundry and boiler, comfortable kitchen/dining room, spacious guest-rooms with fireplaces, parental bedrooms with wardrobes and built-in bathrooms.

By purchasing villa in our little town You become the owner of a land lot, which is a prospective investment in itself, as suburban real estate rises in price with every year.